Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The FSC is one of the two U.S. laboratories to be internationally certified for identifying chemical-warfare agents. Created in 1991, the Center is home to nationally recognized experts who support chemical, nuclear, and biological counterterrorism.

Forensic Science Center Created in 1991, the FSC has established nationally recognized capabilities to support the Laboratory's national-security programs in chemical, nuclear, and biological counterterrorism. The FSC combines state-of-the-art science and technology with expertise in chemical, nuclear, biological, and high-explosives forensic science to support these national security missions.

The FSC also collaborates with federal agencies by applying forensic technology to help defeat terrorists or interdict dangerous materials. While serving the immediate, short-term needs in these areas, the center also conducts basic research in the areas of analytical science and instrument development, nuclear forensic analysis, and the synthesis of new molecular and tailored nanostructured materials.

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