Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

an EleCent search reveals a company in Buenos Aires that produces veterinary pharmacological products Livermore software experts have developed several products that help warfighters and military planners distill, combine, relate, manipulate, and access massive amounts of data in a timely manner. Tools such as the Persistics Data Processing pipeline and the Counterproliferation Analysis and Planning System (CAPS) (see Operational Planning Tools) address the problem of data overload. Two key components that speed data extraction and enhance understanding, Trinidad and Element Centric (EleCent), have received highly favorable reviews by Department of Defense analysts worldwide.

Trinidad provides a powerful data "triage" capability for quickly identifying pertinent high-value information while discarding the rest. This tool helps users more efficiently sift through mountains of unstructured data, including open-source articles, scientific publications, Web-based news, and government reports, all of which contain information associated with a particular mission. Trinidad—which uses Hadoop open-source software, natural language processing, Livermore-developed algorithms to identify and zoom in on key terms, and a Web interface—can run on a laptop or a Linux computer cluster.

EleCent allows users to store, update, retrieve, and analyze data categorized as critical or related to a CAPS mission. It combines an enormous database with Web-based viewing tools, from tabular lists to geospatial maps. EleCent uses Grails, an open-source application framework for rapidly developing Web-based tools. EleCent Editor allows authorized users to enter, edit, verify, and export data, which becomes available for external customers and is included in Trinidad performs data triage. EleCent Earth (pictured) uses the Google Earth plug-in to display clickable results in a geospatial format showing "hits" as both geographically placed icons and as items in a tabular list.

For more details, see the Science and Technology Review article Data for Defense: New Software Finds It Fast.