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The Case for Modern Forensic Science
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Building a Network of Collaborative Autonomous Machines
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High-Throughput Pathogen Detection
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Enhanced Radiation Detection Training
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Going Beneath the Grid with Underground Energy Storage
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Microbiome Research Takes Flight
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Serving the Nation

The Global Security Principal Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) applies multidisciplinary science and technology to anticipate, innovate, and deliver responsive solutions to complex global security needs.

Global Security supports all major missions at the Laboratory but executes the following:

See the Laboratory mission pages for more information.

Great People

Francesco Fornasiero Francesco Fornasiero
Global Security

Livermore scientist Francesco Fornasiero has developed a smart material that can provide breathability and protection against deadly chemical and biological threats such as Sarin and the Ebola virus.

“Our mission is to solve a long-standing problem for first responders, medical personnel, and soldiers,” says the chemical engineer, who grew up in a small town near Venice, Italy. “Since their protective clothing can’t remove water vapor fast enough, perspiration gets trapped. This makes the garments uncomfortable and too hot to wear for an extended amount of time.”

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